Wednesday, 28 November 2012

What I am working on at the moment

So while I am in a good painting space and enjoying the process I am cracking on with more models.Up next are the 5 Marauder command group models that I will add to the plastic Orc unit. These are more models I have had since I first started collecting miniatures so they have seen many varied roles in their lifetime. Most notably as Blood Bowl players though. :)

Now they are getting a new lease of life and will be finding their way back onto the battlefield where they belong. So they were stripped of the old paint job that the 15 year old me gave them and under coated white - seems I have returned to the white undercoat now when painting these old miniatures and not the black undercoat I have been using for years on my modern army. I prefer it too. I am painting them up in a limited pallet that matches what was used on the plastic Orcs, but I am adding red focal points to tie them in with the shield designs and bring the unit together as a whole.

So the basic paint scheme looked like this (please excuse the very basic cell phone camera shots)

Then I went and added the same Green Wash to the skin tones as used on the plastic Orcs and mixed up another batch of Smoky Ink and Black Wash which I painted all the metal and red areas with. A further watered down mix of this wash was applied to the wood areas. Resulting in the now shaded miniatures, ready to be highlighted in coming evenings.

Not bad for a couple of evenings work :) Long may this painting spree last!


  1. I love these figures...I'm still looking to complete my MM20s...but I have that standard bearer...and he is one of my all time favorite the scar on his face!

    Yours are looking top notch....I think they will be a good match with your Regiments figures. You are progressing at a wicked pace...keep it up!

    1. I never noticed that scar until you pointed it out. When I painted them the first time I think some of the detail got obscured by my paint job. Now they have been stripped lots more detail is coming to light.

  2. I've got the guy with the telescope - going to be a spotter for a stone thrower eventually...

    Keep up the good work - finally getting revved up again myself after a dirth of activity so thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Yeah that guy with the telescope doesn't show up in any of the catalogues but he definitely came with the command group.

    I am really happy to be able to inspire someone else for a change. Usually I am the one looking longingly at other people's painted models wishing I could get something finished.