Thursday, 8 November 2012

New toys

So these guys arrived in the post this morning (thanks Ryan!). 3 Orc Wolf Riders (1980) and an Orc bolt thrower (1987) all  Nick Lund's Grenadier miniatures.

Also included was a Chaos Dwarf (looks to be part of a weapons crew), 2 Citadel Black Orcs and an Orc Boar rider (probably Citadel but I can't find any markings identifying it).

A little searching on confirms that the Black Orcs are part of the "Giant Black Orcs" which I think formed Eeza Ugezod's Mother Crushers. Eeza Ugezod himself should be on his way to me so now I have 2 of his mates to keep him company. the Chaos Dwarf is Loader 2 from the swivel gun crew Still can't find out where the boar rider is from.

Edit: I have worked out that the boar rider is indeed Citadel and is a C21 Orc Boar Rider - "Gaglob" riding "Ripper"

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