Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Bugmans all round

So here are the Bugman's Rangers base painted. I chose to go with the blue shields as it gives the models a nice focal point against the neutral tones used on the rest of the models. I am going to experiment with these models by dipping them now to get the shading done and then going back to add highlights. I also chose to give Joseph Bugman an orange beard as he is the young Bugman depicted before disappearing during the war. I am trying to learn to paint faster so these guys really haven't taken all that long so far, around 5 hours to date - which is usually about how long it takes me to paint a single miniature. So I am flying at record speeds here! ;)

I do need to get a better set-up sorted to take photos!

Lets hope the dipping does a good job. I know this is not going to be a paint job to rival the amazing work by Phreedh, Jaecke, Dreamfish or Blue but I am still expecting a pretty good result.


  1. Looks Good man! I'll be interested how you get on with the Dip.


  2. Thanks, I have dipped the lot and initial reports are promising. They may require a second dip though. I will post pics once they are dry.