Saturday, 3 November 2012

Joseph Bugman's Rangers

So the first project I have decided to embark upon to to repaint the unit of Bugmans Rangers I have. They are the original pre-slotta base miniatures - Here they are as I was given them many years ago. I think there are 2 rangers missing as they were originally sold as 8 rangers and a command figure. I have 14 rangers and 2 command figures (one is missing from this pic and the dwarf at the bottom right is not actually part of the unit)

They have now all been undercoated and the (very basics) painting process has begun.


  1. I'm jealous of your musician! I had to settle for the 2nd (slotta) issue musician and champion. Here's a link to my Bugman's

    Can't take credit for the fine paintjob, as I had them commissioned.

  2. Damn! I am jealous of the wonderfully painted regiment you have! lol. I will hopefully have something similar to that once I am done, currently debating whether to go with blues or greens for the shields and accent colours. Yours will certainly provide some excellent inspiration now.