Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Orcs are coming

So the eBay bug is back. Only I am now no longer scouring the net for old Blood Bowl miniatures but rather old Warhammer miniatures. The drug is the same, only the flavour changes! ;)

So my first Warhammer 3rd edition purchases are as follows:

Which all makes for a nice start towards the Orc and Goblin army I am looking to build up first. I am hoping to win a bid this week on a Wyvern but I suspect the bidding will get too rich for my tastes.

Added to the above are the current Orcs and Goblins in my collection - all of which need stripping and repainting. Which is starting to look like a decent warband now.


  1. That horde is shaping up nicely - good luck with the Wyvern!

  2. Great looking blog Jonathan and welcome to the Oldhammer community. I am sure that you will quickly get to love Citadel miniatures and Warhammer again with us, even if we don't need the added eBay competition! You've got a nice range of goblinoids there and they look to make a characterful army. With the dwarfs too, you could quickly start to fight skirmishes and battles of the goblin wars! Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks guys. The Wyvern has been won! Only I discover now that the seller doesn't ship to South Africa (somehow missed that vital info) but I will be contacting him to see if an arrangement can be made.

    I am looking to play the Blood Bath at Orcs Drift mini campaign soon - I will lead the greenskins ;) - so they should find themselves in the thick of battle before they know it.