Saturday, 10 November 2012

Bugmans part 3

I have spent about another 4 hours on the unit and have now got it to a standard I am happy with. A few more washes then details and some simple highlighting brings them to a decent gaming standard. All in all about 11 hours spent on them which is pretty damn good I think. :)

I will add some Dwarven runes to the back of Joseph Bugman's shield here

Not sure what is going on with the front of his jacket. I can't decide if there is some sort of clasp on the front there above the belt buckle or if it is a fold in the material...

Next up to finish the unit off will be to base them. Then they get to go to war! :D Here they are ready to be based and looking ready to crack some Goblin heads. 

Edit: Added a final pic of the whole unit based.


  1. Wow...those are looking good...and ready for battle in such a short time...well done indeed!

  2. Excellent job - I particularly like Bugman's expression and the contrast twixt ginger beard and blue jacket.

  3. Thanks guys :)
    It is nice to get an entire unit out so quickly and have it looking as good as it does. The unit has now been based and is fully ready for battle. Time to move onto a new project. Not decide what that should be yet other than a unit of Orcs of some kind. Preferably something I can use in the Blood Bath at Orcs Drift.