Thursday, 6 December 2012

Table designs

Continuing on my plans to build a modular terrain table/ dining table. So these are my musings over what the table may look like. There probably won't be any drawers. But that's the basic idea of what I am looking at, trying to keep it simple and hopefully keep the costs down at the same time. I can then slot the modular terrain boards inside the table where they will be held in place nice and snug, with enough of a lip left over to keep dice on the table. When not in use two sturdy wooden boards slot into the top of the recessed area to convert the table back into a regular dining table. The flat modular terrain boards can be left in place under this surface, while hill sections will have to be stored elsewhere. I am wondering if the modular terrain boards need to be reinforced with a wooden frame - not really for strength but to protect the edge of the polystyrene from dents and nicks when trying to slot them into place and being kept in storage.

I need to get this thing costed before going much further.


  1. Hmm interesting - what about having the terrain boards permanently in place, with a nice sheet of timber that would sit on the top for the dining table?

    When in use as a gaming table the dining table top can be whipped off easily enough and when you're eating you've still got a nice looking table.

  2. That's the basic idea Thants. I am toying with the idea of having it as a regular gaming table under the dining table. The biggest reason I like modular terrain is cos the rivers look so damn awesome, but is that really a good enough reason on its own to have modular terrain? I am a bit in limbo around what I will do. Till then I am building terrain! Working on some beech forests at the moment. I think they will look amazing.