Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Geek Chic

Now I am sure that several of you are aware of these tables, probably the ultimate in gaming tables purpose built for gamers by gamers. Unfortunately they are only available in the USA. Lucky you if you do live there.
Something like one of these tables is what I am envisaging as the basis for my modular terrain table. I need a regular table that can be used as a dining table but be easily converted to a gaming table. Something like the one below.

But this is really overkill for my needs. As great as it is, especially all that storage under the table. I am going to look at something simpler. A basic dining table with a removable surface that reveals a recessed playing surface beneath. I can then slot my modular terrain pieces into this area for games of Warhammer in luxury. 

Of course all of this is going to have to be hand made locally. I can't ship something like this from the USA (even if I could the cost would be astronomical). So the mission now is to sketch up what I am looking for and find a carpenter capable of delivering what I want - within a budget I can afford. No small task I guess but we all need something to aim for :)

Oh, and all this is excluding the modular terrain pieces I need to build. These will be much simpler than Dreamfish's masterpiece but still a lot of work. I am actually excited by the prospect! :)


  1. Looking forward with what you come up with. The wood work in my project was strangely the most expensive part. Let me know if it becomes too expensive and I'll make you a modular table!

    1. Oooooooh don't tempt me Dreamfish! I have done some test calculations for the modular terrain part and the wood is the most expensive part - meaning I have already cut down on how I am building the terrain boards. So building an entire table is undoubtedly going to be expensive. Just how expensive is the key factor though. This set-up does give me a nice dining room table and a sturdy gaming table all in one though. It all comes down to budget in the end.

  2. ps: is the place to go if you are in the USA and can afford one of these beauties. Tell them I sent you. (that should confuse a few ppl)