Monday, 3 December 2012

Random additions to the lead pile

So I picked up some random miniatures nice and cheap from a local seller that are being added to the collection of lead. So in the interests of keeping a record (for myself as much as anything else) I am putting what I receive up here where I can catalogue them.

Not too sure how many of these are classic (if any). Going to have to go through the catalogues on solegends to work them out. The scales vary significantly between the models. Is this normal with Snotlings?

I don't think this is a 3rd edition troll. Most probably a Stone Troll from 4th edition at least thats the earliest reference I can find to him.
Correction, he does actually appear in the Green Catalogue of 1993 so was made in 1992 so he could just scrape in as a very late 3ed edition model?

Hobgoblin rocket team that is definitely 3rd edition.

Minotaur Lord. Body 4, Legs 2, Head 1.

2 Chaos Warriors. "Axe and face of Slaaneshi mount" and "Sword and Chaos Tome" (I now have 2 of the Sword and Tome warrior. May need to swap him for another warrior) 

Not a bad haul I think. Most of this lot will be able to see action in the Orc and Goblin horde and also go towards a growing band of Chaos.


  1. Id say that is a very nice haul in deed! Yeah snotling scale seems to be at the whim of the sculptor and the time period in which they were problem there. I would certainly consider that troll 3rd edition...I use the river trolls that were produced at the same time myself..though you are correct in thinking there were made in the run up to the 4th were the marauder snots in your picture.

    Nice grab on the Chaos warriors...those guys sell for decent money individually on ebay.

    1. It's good enough for me. Made in '92 is still 3rd edition :)
      So those are Maruader snots are they? Will have to search them out. The CHaos Warriors I bought for the Slaaneshi mount face guy, couldn't see what the second miniature was. It's a pity I ahve him already but that doesn't mean he can't find a place.

  2. Not all of the Snots are Marauder...but quite a few from what I can see. you can find them here:


    1. Yeah, been having a look. At least 6 are Marauder. Not too worried whether they are all 3rd ed though. They look the part.